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December 22, 2012
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SS | Only The Fairytale by Siripikan SS | Only The Fairytale by Siripikan
| Time goes, time flies
| We changed over time
| But this feeling will be eternal
| In the eternity of dream that we believe

Please listen to this song while you enjoy this artwork --- It's Only The Fairytale

This is a Secret Santa for :iconmisschocoholic:
She wanted a picture of Australia and Indonesia. Here I drew them as Yolngu (Australia) and Makassar (Indonesia) from Maaf. Already finished on Dec 8th. The outfit that Indonesia worn is the traditional cloth of Makassan, Baju Bodo with Sarung Bugis. It's my favorite traditional outfit btw <333 Also thank you so much to ~choco-java for letting me join the SS Event <3

Title taken from Yuki Kajiura's song, "It's Only The Fairytale" sung by Yuko Miyamura --- Youtube: [link]
Since every time I see this illustration, that song is spinning in my head. It isn't about the lyric but the meaning of the song. I recommended you to listen it to get the meaning I build here~ Psst, I cried a lot while working on this artwork. Wondering how painful when you lost someone you loved but you just could do nothing to change it.

Tutorials I used:
- Night Sky Tutorial by ~megatruh
- Clothes Coloring Tutorial and Coloring Hair Tutorial by *Curryuku

Read :icondinosaurusgede:'s comic and description to know the relation between Australia (Yolngu) and Indonesia (Makassar) --- [link] | [link] | [link]

:orange: Makassan contact with Australia
Makassan trepangers from the southwest corner of Sulawesi, Indonesia visited the coast of northern Australia in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to collect and process trepang (also known as sea cucumber), a marine invertebrate prized for its culinary and medicinal values in Chinese markets.
Source: [link]

:orange: Baju Bodo
Baju Bodo is the traditional dress of South Sulawesi women, mainly from ethnic of Makassar. In the language of Makassar, the word "Bodo" means short. Baju Bodo or Waju Tokko, already known by South Sulawesi since the mid-century of IX, this was confirmed from history of Muslin fabric, the fabric that used as base material of Baju Bodo itself. According to traditional Bugis, every color of Baju Bodo worn by women of Bugis showing its age or the dignity of the wearer.

Orange worn by girls aged 8 – 12 years.
Red used by women aged 12 – 35 years. Scarlet (not married) and maroon (married).
Black used by women aged 35 – 50 years and older.
White used by the wet nurse and healers.
Green worn by women of nobility.
Purple worn by widows.

Sources: [link] | [link] | [link] | [link]
Image refs: [link] | [link]

:orange: Sarung Bugis
Sarung or sarong has been an integral apparel for many an Indonesian ethnic group, including the Bugis of Makassar in South Sulawesi province. Sarung for the Bugis in particular has been traditionally utilized for different functions. For sleeping, it doubles as a cover for cold weather and a screen from mosquitos. The Bugis of Makassar also use it as a cover for bathing, similar to a towel. Some will not bathe without a sarung, even though towels are extensively available, arguing that sarungs are more comfortable and familiar. For Moslems among them, sarung is traditionally wrapped just slightly above the waist, worn during daily prayers. Some segments of the Bugis of Makassar prefer to wear the cloth in lieu of trousers when they toil the fields or attend social gatherings, regarding it as both practical and comfortable.

When one visits a Bugis family and stays with them, the host will provide three pieces of sarung, each alternately designated for sleeping (Lipa Tinro), bathing (Lipa Cemme) and praying (Lipa Sempajang). Sarung Bugis is mostly made of silk and is carefully woven with traditional equipment. The cloth comes in differing quality, the highest commonly reserved for weddings and gifts.
Sources: [link] | [link]
Image ref: [link]

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
Maaf - Hetalia Doujinshi © dinosaurusgede

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One of the beautiful parts of this work is actually below it! *Siripikan always thoughtfully researches and tells us about her work--much deeper appreciation comes from that, for the viewer.
To the picture itself: She has drawn the emotion of them together so beautifully, representing the feelings of being among beauty and alone together in the universe that such precious feelings can cause. The colors, of skin and of clothing, are preciously accurate, and the night sky is so beautiful as to be better than nature, at least what we really see nowadays....
I strongly recommend that viewers follow her suggestion to listen to the music piece she links, as that helps you find her complete sense of the meaning of this piece..... I can't help but give this all five stars in all the ratings----->
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Yaaaa, I like them too :iconasdfghplz: Thank you <333
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You're very welcome :),

I love this pairing. Funny enough even though i'm british I am of Indonesian ethnicity and I live in Australia. I'm still searching for that one and only Australian boyfriend to love though...
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So pretty! :)
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Thank you ( ^ 7 ^ )// <33
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Thank you ( > v < ) <333
I'm happy to know you get the feel of the background well. I still learning on it.
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