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Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle
It would be so nice if you can ask my permission first when you want to drop my artwork somewhere. So I know what's your purpose and where you use it.
Just comment/note me! I won't bite, I promise ( ^ r ^ )//

Oh, don't forget to at least credit my username in active link when you use it <33 That would be awesome!

Thank you ♥
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Just wanna tell you one of my admirable artist :iconsinlaire: is going on game project called "Pale Blue". The project avaible on Kickstarter and I hope you guys can help him to bring this project into real game! If you know INheritage, you should give an attention to this!

Visit Pale Blue on Kickstarter for more info

Here some preview from the site:


The "Pale Blue" concept came from our fascination with superheroes (Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Jaeger, Ultraman, etc). We watch our heroes fighting monsters and evil organizations from time to time, foiling their plans at world domination where they live to fight another day.

Then our attention moved to the villains, not the heroes. Why is it that the villains never give up but would rather keep fighting to achieve their wicked and cruel plans no matter how many of their fellow comrades have died at the hands of the superheroes. So many monsters and evil creatures sacrifice their lives to achieve their organization's goal. The mere reason "they do that just because they're evil" no longer suffices to answer our questions. We kept wondering, why would they willing to risk everything to take on the world? What kind of stories are hidden linger behind those monstrous eyes and evil masks?

Pale Blue is an epic 2D side-scrolling action and stealth adventure game with immersive visuals where you take control of Ellen in semi free-roaming environments coupled with a variety of gameplay mechanics that will capture the hearts and minds of action platform fans! It is initially planned to be launched on PC.

PALE BLUE is a code name assigned to an experiment conducted by the COCOON organization. This organization has a singular focus: to create their own utopia. This utopia is a direct result of their contempt for mankind – whom they believe have become corrupted beyond redemption. The story is centered on Ellen, a normal girl turned monster by the evil COCOON. In order to fulfill their mission, they require the tools and the power to destroy – and rebuild – the world. Thus, from their own 21st Laboratory, they send out creatures that seems to be innocent humans, but are, in fact weaponized monstrosities. These monsters are the arsenal of the COCOON organization, designed to satisfy the organization's lust for power and fulfill their vision of utopia.

Ellen succumbed to evil. Instead of escaping from the experiment and fighting the evil organization as a hero, she chose to stay.  

In PALE BLUE, Ellen is assigned to various missions by the COCOON organization. She fights superheroes and weapons from around the world, spreading a reign of terror unlike anything mankind has ever seen before. You will take control of Ellen's story as the human being we know and follow her path as she fades away to evolve into the evil terror known simply as, PALE BLUE.

Read more on Pale Blue on Kickstarter


Siripikan has started a donation pool!
1,260 / 3,000

Pencil Sketch Commission is open -

Pcomm: awildchelseaappeared by Siripikan Pcomm: Blue-DT by Siripikan Comm: KayzioMau by Siripikan

Commission Track
:bulletyellow: 2 normal & 1 chibi pencil sketches for XxSaChan -wip-
:bulletyellow: Normal pencil sketch for thatreallyweirdguyXD -wip-

Waiting List
:bulletorange: Chibi commission from Sapphire-Riza
:bulletorange: Commission from LilyNekoyama08
:bulletorange: Pencil commission from natsucchii

Keywords Challenge!

- Pulau Derawan
- Bukit Bangkirai
- Pantai Melawai
- Pantai Monpera
- Hudoq
- Pantai Teluk Lombok
- Masjid Islamic Center Samarinda
- Lembuswana
- Penajam Paser Utara

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Sirip-saaaaan Sirip-san dulu akunnya apa ya kok aku ngga engeh ya tadinya aku mau watch Sirip-san tapi takut dikira sok kenal tapi ternyata Sirip-san kok tau aku aku malah lupa kok aku oon deh hdskfhsdkjhfsk yaudah sekarang aku stalk stalk Sirip-san ya boleh yaa boleh kan boleh yaa-- @ q @;;;; //tut
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